do i have any followers that got their GED ??

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they might not have much… of anything… but at least they have eachother

keep that sucker in as long as you can sonny you cannot afford a shower let alone a child right now

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Anonymous: Couple of questions. 1. Would you ever consider uploading your sims&lots? 2. How do you build???? Because I was sitting and stairing at an empty lot unable to do anything for 30 minutes.

ya sure i dont mind!! i might be a little hesitant with lots cause i am a fuckin cc fiend but i can try! and i dont build i just click walls around until something works omg also using reference is really handy!!


cc wish: a fucking ceiling smoke detector 

Anonymous: You never reply to me >:(

im sorry i know im the worst when it comes to replying i could be talking to someone in person and it would still take me 2 weeks to reply



i have no come back so i’m leaving simblr

bye friends

boycott simsiguess in memory of me 

Anonymous: Are you and simsiguess fighting?


you know what anon..

the fire still hasnt stopped

#ts2    #the sims 2    #sims 2    #chance family    #chance gen 1   

nervous fucking HATES vidcund hes always thinking about him with flames oh man